30 Best Space Pictures of the Week – Nov 22nd to Nov 28th, 2012

 1. Triton Neptune’s Largest Moon

2.The Methuselah Nebula MWP1

3.Milkyway,Aurora and a meteor.

4.Space Station Over the Ionian Sea

5.Stardust in Aries

6.Dark Sand Cascades on Mars (those are not trees

7.M81 and M82

8.The Stars and The Mountains, View From My New Home in Bozeman Montana at Night

9.NGC 1365: Majestic Spiral with Supernova

10.An Iridescent Cloud Over Colorado

11.The bubbles in this wine glass look like a spiral galaxy

12.Jupiter and Io 2001

13.The picture on the left shows a calm sun from Oct. 2010. The right side, from Oct. 2012, shows a much more active and varied solar atmosphere as the sun moves closer to peak solar activity, known as solar maximum, predicted for 2013

14.“In the shadow of Saturn” taken by Cassini spacecraft as it orbited the Saturn. Earth is visible through the upper left hand section of the rings

15.The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted the spiral galaxy ESO 499-G37, seen here against a backdrop of distant galaxies, scattered with nearby stars

16.What’s it?…can some one explain..

17.One year ago today, Curiosity left for Mars: “The journey of 352,000,000 miles begins with a single launch.”

18.The Pipe Nebula

19.Night of the long Leonoid

20.Bridging Cities of Galaxies: Abell 399 (lower center) and Abell 401 (top left) are about a billion light-years from Earth, and the gas bridge extends approximately 10 million light-years between them

21.Columbus Laboratory Installed on Space Station

22.Polar ring galaxy NGC600, August 2012.

23.Full-Wavelength Galactic Centre

24.Cloud Vortices off St. Helena

25.Io transiting Jupiter last week

26.HDR shot of the Moon.

27.Image of space that I made. It’s not real, but is of space nonetheless.

28.Lilongwe, Malawi by night.

29.Wisps of the Veil Nebula

30.Milky Way over Moonlit Haleakala Crater


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