Flow With Waterfalls…


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“Waterfall”, as the name itself specifies is the mass of flowing water rapidly dropping over a steep cliff. It is a natural phenomenon and a wonderful part of the beauty of nature.

Following words can define the waterfall more beautifully: –

“Whooshing, pushing, gushing over rocks

Attacking everything in sight

Thrashing, bashing, crushing rocks and things like that

Error, terror, hear the power

Racking, decking, pecking in and out of rocks

Faster, crashier, bashier all around the place

Arting, darting, carting all the rocks around

Looking, cooking, booking in and out like a meander

Lushing, shushing, mushing every-where…”

Waterfalls are generally formed when the river is young and at those times the channel are narrow and deep.

There are different categories of waterfall. They are: – Block, Cascade, Cataract, Chute, Fan, Frozen, Horsetail, Plunge, Punchbowl, Segmented, Tired and Multistep.

The presence of waterfalls creates a very beautiful and lovely scenery or landscape. They are the greatest inspiration for photographers.  Waterfalls are the most spectacular piece of architecture constructed by nature.

Here are given the marvelous and remarkable pictures of the most outstanding waterfalls of the world.

These are the waterfalls of Skogafoss, Curtrain, Thors’ Well, Seljalandsfoss, Havasu Falls, Weeping Rock Waterfalls (Blue Mountains) and many other. These waterfalls are giving godly landscapes.

Have glance on these vivacious sceneries created by beautiful waterfalls and present your remarkable comments on these beautiful photographs.

Weeping Rock Waterfall, Blue Mountains

Flow With Waterfalls… (1) Green Waterfall  Flow With Waterfalls… (2)   WaterfallFlow With Waterfalls… (3) Havasu FallsFlow With Waterfalls… (4)   Under The LedgeFlow With Waterfalls… (5) Godly  Flow With Waterfalls… (6)   SeljalandsfossFlow With Waterfalls… (7) Thors’ WellFlow With Waterfalls… (8) The Curtrain  Flow With Waterfalls… (9) Beauty of Skogafoss  Flow With Waterfalls… (10)  


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