30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – Nov 27th to Dec 3rd, 2012

1. Her first winter in Norway

2.Incredible moment spear fisherman is captured in mid-ai by Stephane Ducandas

3. Two performers in a sword fight in Nong Nooch, Pattaya, Thailand.

4. A homeless girl plays with her doll under a bridge in Mumbai.

5.My uncle, as a 19 year old World War II pilot in 1942, two years before he was shot down and killed over Europe

6.Blond Nepali kids

8.Women Pray at Jerusalem’s Western (Wailing) Wall

9.A young Indian woman dressed in traditional Rajasthani clothing waits for the start of a traditional dance presentation on the outskirts of Pushkar, on November 21, 2012.

10.Daring bike ride to school. Karanganyar, central Java, Indonesia

11. 3 Women and a baby in the Panchanantala Slum in Kolkata – India

12.A cowgirl on her first ride

13.Hindu Pilgrims in Madurai – Tamil Nadu – India

14.80-Year-Old Spear Fisherman plies his trade in the South China Sea

15.Tea time break in the desert just west of Timbuktu, Mali

16.We … we could be friends

17.A wedding Parade in Bundi – Rajasthan – India

18.Old Woman Shouts at Shopkeeper in Bethlehem

19.Dusty hands from shoveling maize into a bag to take home to her family, South Sudan.

20.Painted festival goer at Symbiosis Pyramid Lake, 2012

21.My Six Weeks Old Chinese-French-Canadian Baby

22.Vintage Woman riding in a Vintage Subway Train

23.Monks at the Shaolin Temple

24.A young protester in Tahrir Square a couple of nights ago. 25.Children sledding. Heiloo, Netherlands

26.A Malawian middle schooler, waiting for the sun to come down.

27.Little village girls getting water from pump

28.Tibetan protester performs self immolation in New Delphi.

29.The unfolding of a minor tragedy – A composite of three photographs

30. The finest beard that I saw at Occupy Wall Street


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