30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Nov 28th to Dec 4th, 2012

1. The Matterhorn at full moon

2.124 second exposure of a snowy forest

3. Street at night in Zagreb, Croatia

4. Moonrise

5.“The Face From Above” . . . Kingdom of Norway

6.Rest & rush – christmas market Rostock, Germany

7.3 hrs 45 mins Exposure through window, with meteor

8.A simple headlamp and some aurora borealis

9.Guess how many seconds?

10.Nauset Light Star Trails

11.Two thunders in a summer storm

12.Edit: Here is a picture of my favorite city in the US.. Chicago. I’m a New Yorker. Shhhhhh….

13.My astrophotography setup at Assateague Island National Park, MD

14.Abandoned ship

15.Sunset in Pula, Croatia

16.All Lights Are Red in Dublin

17.Chicago Rush Hour

18.Sparks flying


20.Long exposure from my front yard

21.Road by the University of Central Florida (critiques welcome)

22.Yet Another Firework

23.Detroit City Skyline 3 49 sec HDR

24.Follow The Light, Tampa – Fl

25.Streets of London

26.Chicago City Porn for you folks


28.Nighttime car trails in San Diego, CA

29.Steel wool w/slight moon

30.  Clearwater, FL Causeway Bride


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