30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Nov 29th to Dec 5th, 2012

1. Reflection of the sky on Salar de Uyuni, the largest mirror in the world after it has rained

  2.Pa Tong, Thailand sunset by Soft Light

  3. Lightning storm at Hilton Head SC

  4. Joshua Trees at sunset

5.Sunset – Homer Glen, IL

6.Red Sky At Night, yesterday at northeast FL harbor

7.Dawn at 35000 feet, somewhere above Germany

8.Beautiful sunset in Winters, California

9.Sunrise in Colorado

10.Gust front over central Sweden

11.Griffith, Canada

12.Lunar Halo over Michigan last night.

13.Sunrise in Toronto.

14.Rinsing fire, Faroe islands

15.Morning: Denver, CO

16.Aurora Borealis, Boulder Junction WI

17.Section, AL. Pop 770. Tennessee River.

18.Northern lights near Laugarvatn, Iceland

19.Sunset over the Amazon

20.Sunrise in Boulder, CO (USA)

21.Sunset in Cedar Rapids IA

22.The Gegenschein over Chile: A rarely discernable faint glow known as the gegenschein (German for “counter glow”) can be seen 180 degrees around from the Sun in an extremely dark sky. The gegenschein is sunlight back-scattered off small interplanetary dust particles

23.Evening in Georgian Bay, Ontario

24.This is my way to work at dusk.

25.Quiet morning… skyporn style – Boulder, CO (USA)

26.An Iridescent Cloud Over Colorado

27.Ellis Island

28.Sunset over Arches National Park.

29.Reflections – Overlooking Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan

30.  Both Sides Now (Cloudy Blue Sky)

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