30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – Dec 4th to Dec 10th, 2012

1. Dancer in a battle

2.Minutes old. Tegucigalpa, Honduras

3. A Pakistani nomad woman, Zakia, kisses her grandson

4. a Bulgarian streetmusician

5.Three Lilongwe brothers.

6.Anri du Toit and Watkin Tudor Jones. (Or Yolandi and Ninja of Die Antwoord)

7.Serra Pelada, State of Para, Brazil by Sebastiao Salgado (1986)

8.The Beatles wanted to meet my uncle’s band, so they did. (1964)

9.Turkish children on a bus in Kadikoy, Istanbul

10.French and Italian demonstrators face police officers at the France-Italy summit in Lyon, France.

11.Native American girl with child

12.Chingalire chief playing for his people.

13.This is a man who tears apart ships in Chittagong Bangladesh. Just searching for Chittagong yard or shipyard yields a lot of good pictures.

14.Crusty cobbler from Manhattan

15.Jürgen Prochnow

16.Enjoying a Saturday afternoon.

17.Glenn Gould

18.“Porter!” Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India

19.Kimono Girl

20.Fly away

21.Blantyre farmer.

22.A Blantyre chief and mother.

23.YangZhou Great-grandmother.

24.Sleeping on the job in Jerusalem

25.Launderer on the Ganges – Varanasi, India

26.Sikh devotee at Golden Temple – Amritsar, India

27.“Guardian Angel”; a young Marine surveys the horizon as his fellow Marines are given a speech before starting their convoy from Kuwait to Fallujah, Iraq; March 2004

28.Musicians from la Maison des Jeunes (House of Youth) in Bamako

29.Gerwald Claus-Brunner, German politician, inside the parliament

30.Grandmom and Kona, looking.


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