30 Best Architecture Pictures of the Week – Dec 7th to Dec 13th, 2012

1. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

2.Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre in Avilés, Asturias, Spain

3. Cast iron buildings in SoHo Manhattan

4. Hemeroscopium House’s cantilevered pool. Madrid, Spain

5.Hunyad Castle in Transylvania, Romania

6.Hungarian House of Parliament in Budapest. Taken from the Danube during my trip in late October. Designed by Imre Steindl. 7.Amazing aerial perspective of the Empire State Building

8.Unique French Style Building in Paris, France.

9.Sauvabelin Tower – Lausanne, Switzerland

10.“Festival of Lights” in central Lyon, France

11.“Casa Poporului”, The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest Romania.

12.The Pharmacy building at the University of British Columbia

13.The Cleveland Arcade, John Eisenmann

14.A building in Hamburg, Germany by Igor Dubrovsky

15.Under City Hall – Philadelphia, PA

16.Cathedral Square – Vilnius, Lithuania

17.Darmstadtium, a congress center in Darmstadt Germany, named after the chemical element

18.Kikin Hall, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

19.Fredericksborg Slot, Hillerød, Denmark. A day-trip through the castle allowed for a sweet shot of the chapel.

20.New York Botanical Garden

21.Traditional homes in Swaziland

22.Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, France

23.Futuristic house in Nashville, TN provides hope for progression in the south

24.Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul, South Korea

25.Mussolini’s “Square Colosseum” (Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana), EUR District, Rome, Italy

26.Monastery of San Lorenzo de el Escorial

27.Neo-Gothic Church of St. Olha and Elizabeth, Lviv, Ukraine by Bossi

28.Wavey Walls From The Museum of Civilization in Quebec

29.Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

30. Castle in Segovia, Spain


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