Rainbow is in our Daily Life!!!


December 17, 2012PhotographyNo comments

“Mumma! See there it is. “, was my first statement after watching rainbow in the sky for very first time. My mom reply me in a very appreciative tone yes this is the rainbow my dear. Being a child it was awesome to encounter a rainbow in the distant sky.

Now after almost 20 years, it’s a recent trend to follow rainbow pattern in your daily life. Let it be your clothing, your parties or even your food. Isn’t it cool to wear rainbow socks, t-shirts of 7 colors, a rainbow wig. It’s even more enthusiastic to be at a party being decorated in a rainbow theme.

It’s one of the most amazing experiences to hangout with your friends and family with balloons of rainbow colors in your hands. As rainbow is becoming a day to day part of life, I have compiled some magnificent pictures of presence of rainbow in our life. Have a look and judge is it worthy to follow rainbow trend or not? Enjoy your stay and please don’t forget your comments.

Colorful Rainbow Splash

Rainbow Tower

Color experience

Falling stars

You’re not a paper star

Happy Roses Rainbow Glitter

Fuck…It broke

Sleeping in Colours


The Color of an Octave

Vocaloid Cosplay

Chapel of Thanksgiving 06

Touch of colors

Colorful India


welcome to theStrangestCircus.

…In my veins

Supreme cookie

my oreo


A spoonful of happiness

My Happy Place

little umbrella.

Party Stars

Musical Rainbow

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