30 Top Food Pictures of the Week – Dec 11th to Dec 17th, 2012

1.The magnificent breakfast you can get in the Austrian Alps

2.Chocolate raspberry drops

  3.Stone bowl bibimbap.

4.Had leftover chicken and leftover rice, so made Mexican fried rice

5.Homemade Chocolate Raspberry Cake

6.Sandwiches from The Black Sheep in Richmond, VA

7.Homemade Blue Cheese Burger With Grilled Onions

8.Kimbap wrapped inside an egg

9.I know it looks like something removed in an autopsy, but it was pretty tasty. I give you the red velvet funnel cake, with icing and powdered sugar. Mericuh!

10.The Ultimate Beef Wellington (full slideshow demo in comments)

11.Handmade pizza of awesome.

12.Grilled Tuscan Sausage Pizza

13.Homemade Ravioli, stuffed with pork, spinach and riccota, topped with a provolone rosée sauce. Served with wine!

14.It ain’t no Wellington, but it’s my wife’s favorite: Crispy Hot Dog Stars with Homemade Cheese Sauce

15.Molecular Gastronomy – Caprese bites with balsamic vinegar pearls

16.Let’s get this day started: morning sandwich!

17.Naan pizza with boursin, mozzarella, parmesan, tomatoes & caramelized onions.

18.My friend made these for me visiting this weekend! Chocolate bowls served with profiteroles and chocolate sauce

19.Home made pizza dough and tomato sauce, home grown basil and jalapenos, with fresh mozzarella cheese and some parmigiano reggiano.

20.Sweet & Smoky Tofu over Spicy Leek Ribbons & Green Beans

21.Cast iron skillet deep dish pizza. Bacon, onion and garlic sautéed in onion roasted olive oil. Mozzarella, pink Himalayan salt.

22.Turkey Chili

23.Oh baby… oh god baby, yeah.

24.White chocolate pancakes served with raspberries and maple syrup

25.My Hangover Cure in DC – Double egg, bacon and cheese sandwich on an english muffin

26.I made this for my boyfriend’s 29th b-day. He likes pigs!

27.Homemade Canadian Poutine with Beef Brisket. T’was delicious

28.An American Cheese Steak in Canada

29.Steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, and lemon cake. I love my lunches at work.

30.Grilled Lobster


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