30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Dec 13th to Dec 19th, 2012

1.How is this? Bog River NY Sunrise


2.So I heard you guys like sunrises, Taken at work this morning near Orlando, FL ~4,000ft


3.Picture taken in Oklahoma during a storm


4.Carlin Park, Jupiter, Florida


5.Thunderhead Sidney Nebraska


6.Red Sunrise over Lake Michigan, USA


7.View from Signal Mountain in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


8.Snapped this picture summer 2012 in Muskoka, Ontario


9.Beautiful sunset over Ford Lake in Ypsilanti, MI


10.A tare in the open — Denver, CO.


11.Sunset in Quincy, CA


12.Finally awake for sunrise… not bad!


13.Took a photos of the first night of the gemenids. Caught a small one after seeing 13 shooting stars


14.Bartlesville, Ok


15.Sunset over the Isle of Man this week


16.Sky over Phillips Canyon Trail in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming


17.Orange morningclouds with rainbow, Bryce Canyon, Utah


18.Sunset off the coast of the Maldives


19.Sunrise in Nova Scotia this morning


20.3 in the morning looks like a beautiful sunrise/sunset. Northern Illinois


21.Blue sky through the clouds. Near Howth, Ireland.


22.End of a Rainy Day


23.Auckland Sunburst Sunrise


24.Sunset in Western Scotland


25.Somewhere in Eastern Washington


26.cold winter morning in santa cruz, ca


27.Snowdonia Sunset.


28.Sunset at Sunrise Lake, Yosemite


29.Sunset with the moon in Petawawa, ON, Canada


30.One from Assateague Island Maryland


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