25 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – Dec 18th to Dec 24th, 2012

1.Dutch children in the town of Urk, Netherlands.


2.A struggling musician performs for an unimpressed audience. You can see the happiness in his face


3.Street vendor. London, UK


4.Young girl in the front row at a music festival


5.Muscular man in Thailand carrying baskets of bait worms for eel fishing.


6.Japanese woman, after the 2011 tsunami


7.While in Sri Lanka, I was invited to visit a Hindu Kindergarten. The kids were so excited to have their pictures taken!


8.Beach cricket in a sari


9.You guys seem to love kids in underdeveloped countries, so here’s some from Afghanistan.


10.Roma Man and Baby – Taken by his 8th Grade Daughter after I let her borrow my camera


11.One-legged Anthony Robles wins the National Title


12.A tailor in the African Sahel


13.Boy with feathers at an art studio


14.Amazing Indian Man


15.Lady onthe bus – Paris


16.Unidentified U.S. Army soldier sports the slogan “War Is Hell” on his helmet in Vietnam on June 18, 1965


17.My little sister enjoying some snow at a Christmas tree farm in Wisconsin


18.Libyan Rebel at the Old Shipyard of Benghazi


19.Three best friends in a village in Maseno, Kenya


20.Marines practice rear naked choke


21.Painters – Kathmandu, Nepal


22.Childcare by Children in the Amazon in XX de Enero village


23.In search of a few Rupees / Delhi, India


24.An ‘untouchable’ dalit caste woman collecting cow dung for cooking fuel – India


25.Children pick over the scraps after a shura. Sangin, Afghanistan.


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