30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Dec 19th to Dec 25th, 2012

1.Some more ceiling fan long exposures. The subtle glowing hues on the ceiling are almost as cool as the light.


2.First time trying extended exposure, any advice?


3.Our Christmas tree caught on fire while the cat just sat there.


4.Downtown Taxi


5.My Golf GTI


6.Long exposure of Paris at night




8.Driving around town – 30 second shot


9.“McQueen Rides Again” by Darren Pearson


10.Long Exposure on the Beach


11.First try with exposure. (playing with Christmas lights)


12.Star trails at sunset by Stuart Gibson


13.My friend being blasted by a DJ laser setup


14.Friend told me to post here – how about some train exposures?


15.Flying drones equipped with LEDs


16.Some Fun with Light In Pacific Beach


17.Tron Style Shot of San Diego’s Harbor


18.Driving down the M6 – Long Exposure with Solarization effect




20.The Side Of Us That Lies, Cheats And Steals


21.42s in an abandoned shipyard office.


22.Colour changing LED cube and Christmas Lights at home


23.Bayonne Bridge, New Jersey


24.Beating Himself Up


25.Geese chilling in a pond with traffic nearby


26.Refracting light on a CD


27.Long Exposure of a Sunrise


28.George Washington Bridge long exposure during sunset


29.NYC Bus After Sandy


30.First attempt at star trails. 1161 seconds (19 minutes, 22 seconds).


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