30 Best City Pictures of the Week – Dec 23rd to Dec 29th, 2012

1.Chicago in a lightning storm


2.Downtown Seattle


3.Dublin At Night




5.Seattle on Christmas Eve


6.Sunrise over Indianapolis


7.St. Louis, Missouri. Old Courthouse and Arch


8.Seattle, WA


9.Astana, Khan Shatyry Center, Kazakhstan


10.San Francisco Sunrise


11.Manhattan night skyline seen from Long Island City


12.LA Sunset from a plane window


13.Dubai from end to end


14.Chicago from the lake during a storm


15.Auckland city, New Zealand.


16.CCTV Headquarters in Beijing


17.Nome, Alaska – at some point it was the largest settlement in Alaska


18.St. Petersburg, Russia: Palace Quay from Peter and Paul Fortress


19.Toronto and the rail yard


20.Houses of Parliament, London


21.Calgary in the Fall


22.Columbus, Ohio lit up Holiday-Style


23.Fribourg, Switzerland


24.This is Prague, Charles Bridge


25.Munich, Germany OC


26.Penobscot Building Detroit, MI


27.Along Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois


28.Chicago L train station from above


29.Early Morning Matera, Italy




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