30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – Dec 25th to Dec 31st, 2012

1.Unidentified Russian special troops soldier

2.Iván Fernandez Anaya is showing to Abel Mutai that the race was not over and that he has to run 100m more.

3.One-legged Anthony Robles wins the National Title

4.Picture of a Head Hunter that my mom took when she lived in Japan

5.A Ghanaian man with a newborn baby during a naming ceremony in Kumasi, Ghana

6.Boy with feathers at an art studio

7.Kids playing in a tidal pool. Te Arai, Northland, New Zealand.

8.Sikh girl shopping at local bazaar

9.Lady onthe bus – Paris

10.Fabric salesman with traditional dagger – Yemen

11.Customers at soba and tempura stand – Tokyo

12.Having a break.

13.Peanut Vendor / Rajahsthan / India

14.Little kid at the Khlong Toei railroad slum in Bangkok (with permission from mom)

15.Hindu Woman in Varanasi – India

16.Tug of war

17.Running on the world’s largest salt flat

18.A Muslim girl with her sacrificial lamb.

19.Children pick over the scraps after a shura. Sangin, Afghanistan.

20.An ‘untouchable’ dalit caste woman collecting cow dung for cooking fuel – India

21.Cheerful little girl at school in Ngaramtoni, Tanzania

22.Jewelry merchant from the Akha Tribe near Chiang Mai

23.Hindu Pilgrims inside the Sri Meenakshi Temple in Madurai – Tamil Nadu

24.Crista Leonard

25.Holy Man / Jaipur India

26.Great Uncle

27.The Roof of Iran

28.Ladakhi Girls in traditional dresses – India

29.Residents of Guanajuato, Mexico

30.Rajahsthan lady / India

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