30 Top Food Pictures of the Week – Dec 25th to Dec 31st, 2012

1.UPDATE: 40 lbs of Prime Rib just out of the oven

2.Another ham&eggs I made for breakfast

3.My first attempt at Black Forest Gâteau – What do you think?

4.Hangover Sandwich

5.The Pazooki: a warm, soft, deep dish cookie topped with vanilla ice cream.

6.Attended a Chinese wedding last week. Here’s the appetizer dish

7.Maple Syrup Candies, I love this mold!

8.Extreme Brownies

9.My Christmas ham, just out of the oven

10.Bacon and mozzarella stuffed mushrooms

11.Today I made Cheez-It-like crackers, only better.

12.My 6 pound Boston Butt fresh off the grill for some pulled pork

13.Chocolate Whiskey Cake with black pepper and cloves

14.Eggy in a Basket

15.One of the cupcakes a coworker brought in.

16.Nothing like chocolate to brighten a dreary day!

17.Smokes Triple Pork Poutine

18.This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a snap, crackle, pop.

19.Strawberry Smoothie

20.Homemade gnocchi and roasted lemon/thyme chicken

21.Best Lobster Roll in Baltimore.

22.Oven fries with ketchup.

23.Today’s Lemon Christmas Cake

24.Extremely large & delicious plate of nachos.

25.How serious do I take Christmas? 40 lbs and 350 dollars worth of prime rib

26.Tri-colored sweet potato fries.

27.Hokey Pokey Honeycomb


29.Nachos Grande

30.First attempt at homemade White Mushroom Truffle Pizza

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