30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Dec 27th, 2012 to Jan 2nd, 2013

1.Gorgeous Sunset in the Mountains Outside Santa Fe NM

  2.Last sunset on the west coast   3.Sunset over the Chesapeake Bay just south of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.   4.Late sunset from Empire State Building, New York   5.Winter View of the Milky Way Over Mountains   6.Double rainbow after a heavy monsoon, Searchlight, Nevada.   7.Mount Ranier Casting a Shadow in the Clouds   8.Scott’s Head Dominica   9.Took a walk today(Austria)   10.Sunset in the mirror, you say? Western Michigan in October.   11.Sunset in Maine on Christmas   12.Sky over Lake Guntersville, Alabama.   13.Outside Vaughn, NM   14.¿Does this qualify as a mirror shot? Sunset from Rygge Airport (Norway)   15.Wind Farm – Highway 12, California   16.Sunset in the Boundary Waters in Minnesota   17.Sunset in Israel behind a wrecked ship   18.Bean Hollow State Beach   19.The moon rising over Cremorne Point-Sydney   20.My dad was impressed with the subreddit and asked me to share one of his Caribbean-cruise sunsets.   21.Breathtaking moon, Northern California   22.Sunset in the southern alps, Austria   23.Aurora over Lake Tekapo in New Zealand   24.Sunset on the Santa Monica Pier   25.View From My Back Yard On Christmas Night, Bozeman Montana   26.Franklin, NC   27.Loman Beach, Seattle, WA   28.Final sunset of 2012 above Raleigh, NC.   29.Cirrus Fibratus clouds on a New Zealand summer evening   30.Rain at Sunset – San Diego, CA looking towards Catalina Is.

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