25 Best Room Pictures of the Week – Dec 29th, 2012 to Jan 4th, 2013

1.Those windows alone do it

  2.A hotel in Santorini, too white?   3.Stylish cabin in the woods   4.My tiny yet comfortable living room, taken this morning   5.Reading nook.   6.Beautiful Exposed Brick from Brisbane, QLD (Australia)   7.Great blend of open space   8.Great blend of open space   9.My minimalist living/computer room, tried to hide the cords.   10.Classy New Zealand pad in the woods   11.Love A Good Movie?   12.Rozzelle Court inside the Nelson Atkins Museum, Kansas City Missouri. The way the fountain sounds bouncing off the walls is soothing.   13.I will call this hipster man cave. I’d get down & dirty on that leather sofa…   14.L House: L is for Longevity   15.Fun Bathroom, Funky and Classy.   16.My wife reading in her sister’s apartment in North Carolina   17.What’s New   18.Music Video Director’s Apartment, Kreuzberg, Berlin   19.Not much, but it’s the only dining room I’ve ever had and I’m proud of it.   20.Hotel Alvear Palace in Buenos Aires is ready for the big bash.   21.What more can I do with this desk?   22.How can I make this table look nicer? Lamp? Books? Maybe a cool gadget?   23.The End of the Vacation, Ojai, California   24.does this count as wabi-sabi? upstate ny   25.This double lounge chair set up is so snuggly.  

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