30 Best Animal Pictures of the Week – Jan 5th to Jan 11th, 2013

1.A horse in Iceland – their hair grows extra long in the fast, cold winds

2.Baby elephant with plenty of sunblock on.

3.Sailfish after a school of Mackeral at the Wild Coast, South Africa

4.The Kingfisher (Alcedo Atthis)

5.Snake, on a ledge, pulling out a kangaroo from the water below

6.A rare two-headed snake explores its surroundings in a private zoo in the Crimean town of Yalta, Ukraine.

7.Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Florida

8.Nature’s take on Angry Birds: The Australian Frogmouth

9.Humpback whale surfacing

10.the king

11.The common frog (Rana temporaria)

12.The southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina) and The King Penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus)


13.An iguana sleeps on a tree branch at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center, Cambodia




15.The Barn Owl (Tyto alba)


16.Lamb and Ewes in a pasture


17.A majestic Raven (Corvus Corax)


18.Female leopard (Panthera pardus) sitting in tall grass, Sabi Sand Wildtuin, South Africa

19.Alaskan, brown bear digging


20.A beautiful Great Blue Heron


21.Baby spider


22.Majestic Duck in local pond.




24.Malaysian butterfly

25.Suckerfishes (Echeneidae) attached to a humpback whale calf. Neifau, Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga

26.A green-eyed domestic cat (Felis catus)


27.Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)


28.Morpho Butterfly (Morpho amathonte)


29.Stunning shot of an Egret

30.Magellanic penguin in Patagonia, Argentina

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