30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – July 21th to July 28th, 2012

1.A homesteader, with his wife and their youngest child, in their hand built dugout home. Pie Town, NM – Sept. 1940.

2.Butterfly deciding to rest on my daughter

3.I love my nephew, Oliver.

4.Two friends I made on the way to church in Durban, South Africa

5.Two young men admiring the newly installed statue “The bicycle man” (“Cykelmannen”) in a park in Gävle, Sweden in 1956.

6.A homeless girl in New Delhi, India.

7.When passing through the eye(Sydney) the tip of the needle located on the opposite side of the world(Denmark) will flash

8.Isabel and Guadalupe Rodriguez wait in a food bank line in Austin, Texas

9.The Despair

10.A young Himba girl smiles for a photo in northern Namibia

11.Two american paratroopers sporting mohawks apply face-paint to each other before a mission. 1944

12.A Falconer

13.My niece, playing at my brother’s grave.

14.Indian Flautist in Madhya Pradesh

15.Street preacher in downtown Los Angeles, near Fashion District

16.The Poor man 0f Pondicherry / India

17.My grandfather in his element

18.Kids with toy Guns, Souq Waqif, Doha, Qatar

19.Three ‘Rainbow Travelers’ stopping by in Lexington, Kentucky

20.Newborn girl Serafima sleeps shortly after being born at Moscow City Hospital.

21.Mongolian merchant in Beijing, China.

22.After washing her laundry a woman gazes over the Ganges

23.Brazilian Child

24.Portrait of a liquor store owner in India

25.The Fruit Seller / Pondicherry, India

26.The women of Kerala / India

27.Pretty Protester OWS Drum Circle

28.Shaving in Bombay

29.Iris in summer

30.Venice Beach

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