30 Top Food Pictures of the Week – Jan 8th to Jan 14th, 2013

1.Inside out Mac n Cheese Grilled Cheese I made this morning.

2.Some incredible sushi rolls

3.Love me some steak ‘n eggs

4.Smoked salmon : simple, yet delicious

5.Onglet steak platter for three at my local pub.. dat peppercorn sauce.. best £25 I ever spent!

6.Kimchi ramen with shiitake mushrooms and an egg

7.Homemade Pizza Margherita from the wood burning oven

8.My girlfriend’s newest cake creation

9.Steak Tartare

10.Snack-sized Pot Pies

11.Just a cheesesteak in Toronto, not quite Philly.

12.Minnesota hotdish

13.Chocolate dipped shortbread cookies

14.Indian butter chicken on Basmati Rice

15.First Time Grilling Lobster! With a side of Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon

16.I cooked a roast leg of lamb for the housemates, this is how it tured out

17.Steak Tacos with Guacamole, Salsa, and Lime Crema. If you love food, you’ll make these and thank me later.

18.Double double animal style

19.Every day is a good day for Buffalo Chicken Dip

20.Countryside breakfast

21.Delicious sweet chicken!

22.My girlfriend treats me so well her pound cake always hits the spot!

23.“Ripieno” with pancetta and mozzarella. Greetings from Italy, do you have these in your country?

24.Homemade potstickers using mom’s recipe. Best food ever.

25.Breakfast of homemade Boston baked beans on toast with a poached egg, home smoked cheddar and hot sauce

26.Malaysian Sarawak Layer Cake

27.Malaysian Roti Canai

28.Chocolate Espresso Waffle

29.Ricotta, kale, and spinach stuffed shells

30.3×3 Animal Style

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