30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Jan 9th to Jan 15th, 2013

1.a bridge on the 101 and a cell phone light

2. Star trails over Lake Rotoiti bach

3.Playing around light painting various things on my desk


4.Electric Snow


5.Loader (grain I think) in Newcastle Harbour, Australia


6.Stars and smoke. Just took this photo of my house’s smoke stack!


7.Startrails & Geminid Meteors, December 2012- Delaplane, VA


8.Fort Lauderdale Beach


9.Night shot of a tree in downtown Portland,

10.Night traffic – Amsterdam

11.Milky Way from Yellowstone

12.60 minutes of roomba cleaning action.

13.Lake Nacogdoches, 2011.

14.First try, American Niagara Falls in winter

15.Old shed lit by single bulb in foggy night in the Ganges Delta jungle

16.Roomba Tron Test

17.Calm Stream – Dartmoor, Devon, UK (13 sec)

18.Riverfront Park Nashville,


19.How far will you go for a photo?

20.Hustle and bustle of Taipei, Taiwan

21.Took a picture of the freeway on the overpass

22. Laser Handshake- Edmonton, AB

23.First attempt at star trails

24.Reflections in the Forest

25.Winter Night in Squaw Valley, California


26.Former B.F. Goodrich Tire Factory in Akron Ohio, with the Current GOJO (think Purell) HQ in one frame. Smoke is from city owned coal fired power plant.

27.One of the first shots I took with my 5D MkII (HDR) – Tamar Bridge, Plymouth, UK

28.The Greatest Wheel of All; Seattle’s Great Wheel

29.Christmas Day, indoors exposure


30.Charles Church (25 sec) – Plymouth, UK


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