These Tips will make you a better Fashion Photographer


January 15, 2013PhotographyNo comments

Fashion photography is the trend that will never get down. It is always required to have some fashion stuff in your portfolio to lead a happy and beautiful life. Here are some of the tips to improve your photography skills especially when it comes to fashion.  Have a look…

1. Inspiration everywhere:

Be ready to get inspired by things near you. The god has created this world in such a way that it is almost impossible to be empty handed if you are really interested to get inspired.  So get inspirations from wherever you can get it.

2. Clear thoughts:

There should be a clear thought in your mind before entering the studio.  Remember an incomplete plan is always a path leading to failure.

3. Shadows and lights are meant to play:

Play with these two things as much as you can.

4. Location matters:

Choose the location to be shot very precisely.

5. Models are the key element:

Choose your model keeping everything in mind. A wrong selection can spoil your session.

6. Model styling:

Set a perfect styling for your models. You can enhance the level by just altering the styles.

7. Product reflection:

The session should be organized keeping the beauty of the product in the center of the script.

8. Use props:

Props can increase the beauty of your shoot.  Don’t be ashamed of using props.

9. Harmonic arrangement:

There should be a harmony between the sub parts of your frame. Looks of the model should complement the frame environment.

10. Permit flexibility:

There should be a scope of some modifications in your plans till the last moment.

11. Equipment configurations:

The equipments you are using matters a lot. So don’t wait to upgrade your stuff to the highest possible level.

12. Be a team player:

Unity always gains strength. Be a team player and work smoothly.

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