30 Futuristic Concept Designs of the Week – Jan 10th to Jan 16th, 2013

1.Above the Clouds by Tuomas Korpi

2.Hudson City by Dylan Cole

3.Blowout at Exit 16A by Till Nowak


4.Hengsha Morning by Najtkriss

5. Matte Painting 6 by TheUncannyKen

6.Future Perfect by fmacmanus


7. Plaza by TheUncannyKen

8.City Docks by Gary Tonge

9.Arch City by Stefan Morel

10.Airships by AlexRuizArt

11.A Spaceship and Some Coffee by DrawingNightmare

12.Skyport by James Paick

13. Sci-fi City by nkabuto

14.Teknian Sonic EP Art

15.Shell Villa in Nagano, Japan

16. Revenge of the Sand by Shue13

17.Sci-Fi City Canyon by Stefan Morell

18.Komplex1 by IxrevivalxI

19.Sci-Fi Cityscape 2 by Stefan Morell

20.Prometheus by Gary Tonge

21. Terminal F by KseniaYakushina

22. Early Dawn by Multiimage

23.Crash of the Mothership by Raphael-Lacoste

24.Radiance by Gary Tonge

25.Encompass by Jonathan Ryder

26.Supercity by Stefan Morrell

27.Land of Dogs by Akajork

28.Gomez Eldorado by Frederic St-Arnaud

29.Flight to the Blue Tower by Stefan Morell

30.Hell Bent for Leather by bergamind

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