30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Jan 10th to Jan 16th, 2013

1.Typical January morning in Tromsø, Norway

2.Cloud of sand settling over the Indian Ocean

3.Sunset in Vaasa, Western Finland

4.A towering red dust storm roars over the ocean near the western Australian coast.

5.Natural Symmetry. Sarasota, Fl

6.Somewhere in New Mexico

7.A back lighted shot i took in Croatia

8.Sunset in Virginia taken with my iPhone

9.The Milky Way, Breckenridge, Colorado

10.Sunset in Phuket, Thailand taken with my iPhone

11.Best winter weather we can ask for in Eugene, Oregon.

12.Sunrise over Douglas on the Isle of Man

14.Afternoon Rays over Chesapeake Bay


15.Last night of backpacking, Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico


16.angry clouds in Kent


17.Sunset in the Okavango Delta


18.Morning arrives in Southern India / India


19.Burning Sky – Sèrapo, Lazio, Italy

20.Might as well submit mine: Sunrise over Cadillac Mt., Bar Harbor, ME


21.Fiery Sunrise Silhouette in Australia

22.Orange clouds over Sunset Beach


23.Beautiful day in Canmore ALberta.


24.Just a picture I took of a blazing sunset, Oslo, Norway.

25.A pair of Geminid meteors with the Milky Way over Delaplane,


26.Mackerel sky in Western Norway

27.Sunset seen from the Bearfence Mountain Trail in Shenandoah National Park

28.Westchester County, NY. One of those moments you have to pull over and enjoy for a minute.

29.Mt. Baker sunrise as seen from B.C Canada

30.Hawaii vacation 2010 – Sun rise from the top of Mt. Haleakala over the clouds


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