24 Best Space Pictures of the Week – Jan 10th to Jan 16th, 2013


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1.A night side picture of Saturn with its small “brother moons” Atlas, Prometheus, and Epimetheus

2.Very improvised shot of the moon. Using a spotting scope and placing my camera on the eyepiece.


3.The moon as seen from the International Space Station


4.Not nearly as good as the professional pictures here, but it’s one of the best I’ve taken. The Carina Nebula


5.The Moon, Saturn, Mars, and Regulus

6.Aurora borealis seen from Kvaløy, Norway


7.Globular Cluster Omega Centauri – the light of 2 million stars

8.stunning photo of NGC 891 taken with 3 different instruments — the hubble and 2 ground based telescopes


9.Dwarf planet Makemake


10.The Great Rift


11.Here’s to Lookin’ at You: The Helix Nebula


12.Aurora Australis


13.Cygnus Widefield


14.The Eta Carinae Nebula


15.NGC 602 and Beyond: It is only 5 million years old, with massive young stars eroding the dusty material and triggering a progression of star formation


16.The Orion Bullets


17.ISS after STS-124


18.Sunrise over the Earth


19.Eight years ago today, a European probe landed on Titan… here a fish-eye aerial view of Huygens’ landing site


20.The Horsehead Nebula


21.NGC 5189

22.Blazing black holes spotted in spiral beauty, galaxy IC 342: The black holes (magenta) are much brighter than typical stellar-mass black holes, but they cannot be supermassive black holes or they would have sunk to the galaxy’s center


23.The Fornax Cluster of Galaxies

24.The Red Rectangle Nebula Around Star HD 44179


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