30 Best Room Pictures of the Week – Jan 12th to Jan 18th, 2013

1.The Zen Room – Takashi Amano

2.A River Runs Under It


3.Beautiful attic room with Cape Cod view.

4.Where I spend my workday

5.Acid green windows in an amazing kitchen!

6.This is my patio in Hawaii


7.Modern Restored 15th Century Italian Villa

8.A girl’s room


9.My Bedroom in the East Village,


10.Cozy shared bedroom in a cheap rental


11.Robert Stilin Living Room | Clean, Simple

12.Williamsburg Kitchen


13.Seaside bathroom with a view

14.Double Eames Man Cave

15.Australian kitchen by Darren James [1,200×795] & no it is not upside down.


16.Office room from Roman Polanski’s “The Ghost Writer”


17.Where I spend most of my time.


18.My house in Los Angeles


19.Hotel Le Méridien Chambers Minneapolis, USA


20.Balcony Room Overlooking Hollywood


21.Winter wonderland


22.Outdoor Reading Room, The Galapagos


23.The Mitchell Reading Room in the State Library of New South Wales.


24.Room With A View


25.Who needs walls anyway?


26.Hotel Mandarin Oriental Miami


27.The Palace Hotel, San Francisco


28.My Grandmother’s House


29.I love my simple room.


30.My apartment in Austin Texas


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