30 Best Quotes in Pictures of the Week – Jan 13th to Jan 19th, 2013


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1.“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power…” Martin Luther King

2.Imagination will carry us to worlds that never were….-Carl Sagan

3.“There’s never enough time to…” -Calvin & Hobbes

4.“If you try and take a cat apart …” – Douglas Adams

5.“The trick is….” -Unknown

6.“It’s a slightly arresting notion…” -Bill Bryson

7.If you can only be good at one thing….-GS Elevator Gossip

8.“When I have a terrible need of – shall I say the word – religion…” Van Gogh

9.“If it falls your lot to be a street sweeper…” – Martin Luther King

10.“Not only do I not know what’s going on…” – George Carlin

11.“Are we forming children…” -Jean Piaget

12.“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” – Theodore Roosevelt

13.“It’s realizing that a great dream is not as good as a great memory…” – Eric Thomas

14.“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” -Buddha

15.“Listen, smile, agree…” – Robert Downey Jr.

16.Aaron Swartz – “There is a moment, immediatley before life becomes no longer worth living…”

17.“Imagination will get you everywhere” -Albert Einstein

18.“The day we stop exploring is the day…” Neil deGrasse Tyson

19.“Death is nothing to us…” -Epicurus

20.“The goal of life is not eliminate the misery..”

21.“There’s more to see….”

22.“Invention, my dear friends…” -Willy Wonka

23.“I am not afraid of any god in the universe…” -Clarence Darrow

24.“As if you could kill time…” – Henry David Thoreau

25.Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Fate – Awolnation

26.“In the best books, great men talk to us, give us their most precious thoughts, and pour their souls into ours.” ― William Ellery Channing

  27.Sucking at something is… Jake the Dog

28.“Unlimited and absolute is the…” – Oscar Wilde

29.“People…” Audrey Hepburn

30.“You, your joys and your sorrows, your memories and ambitions…” – Francis Crick

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