30 Best City Pictures of the Week – Jan 13th to Jan 19th, 2013

1.Manhattan Across the Brooklyn Bridge


2.Cleveland, OH at Night


3.Suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal


4.Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


5.London, England. Such a great night life.


6.Chinatown, New York




8.New York from the Top of the Rock


9.The Greater Chicago Area


10.View Pest in Budapest, Hungary


11.Nashville skyline at night, including the “Batman Building.”


12.A flooded Pittsburgh


13.Chicago of the Future


14.A rarer view of the city. Wicker Park, Chicago


15.Pittsburgh, PA from Mount Washington


16.Neighbours of the giants, Dubai rare angle


17.The Chicago River at Dusk




19.San Francisco Bay Bridge


20.Jersey City with LSP in the Background!


21.Miami: lovely night cityscapes!


22.Vancouver at Dawn.


23.Winter shot of Halifax, Nova Scotia


24.Sunset from the tallest building in Pittsburgh, PA.


25.Auckland, New Zealand and Rangitoto Island


26.Aerial view of Las Vegas at night.


27.Modern Erbil, Iraq around the old walled city


28.Chicago over Lake Michigan


29.Dubai at night


30.I love Denver’s skyline with the Mountains


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