27 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Jan 16th to Jan 22nd, 2013

1.angel of death

2.25 second exposure of Yosemite Falls just earlier tonight!

3.Snowy Trees

4.I’m slowly getting into long exposure photography, and I’d like to share one photo I took back in November of the Philadelphia City Hall.

5.Night hike produces ridiculous scenery,

6.Playing the drums with light-up drumsticks

7.Moonbow taken at night on way to Mauna Kea.

8.The Arrival

9.Taken a few minutes ago… Moonlight over Milford Sound, New Zealand

10.Laser Pointer

11. Taking a break from driving in rural Texas 13 seconds

12.I had a couple of cars kindly obey a street sign for me Toronto, Canada

13.False Kiva in Canyonlands

14.Freight Train, Wichita, KS

15.Star trails over the water at Second Beach, Washington

16.Caught a meteor in my star trail photo!

17.Chicago Sky(scraper)line From Willis Tower

18.Street lights turn to stars outside of Minneapolis

19.Classic chair swing ride at the Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam

20.30 seconds of Westminster, Big Ben

21.Multiple exposure of a man and a fire

22.Top down on a campsite.

23.Abandoned Auditorium – Colorful Ribbons

24.Coming into the Loop, Chicago.

25.Me, Myself and I.

26.Pile of Cars with Orb

27.Old WWII bunker in the Dutch dunes

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