30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Jan 17th to Jan 23rd, 2013

1.We live in a beautiful world, Oregon

2.Paper balloons with people’s wishes drifting off into the sunset last night at Santa Monica Beach, California.

3.Sunset over Austin, Texas

4. The sky was on fire in Laguna Beach tonight.

5.Spectacular Sunset in Knoxville, Tennessee

6.Smather’s Beach, Key West, FL

8.Sunrise over Sapa, northwestern Vietnam

9.Pink Clouds in Kjerringøy, Norway

10.Sunset from Griffith Observatory over Los Angeles

11.Sunset Over Traeth Melynog, Wales

12.MLK Sunset Denver, CO

13.My drive to school

14.Took this while skiing in Salzburg, Austria

15.A different point of view – Reunion Island

16.Rainbows from the Air

17.Clouds Hiding a Rainbow

18.Lightning striking a hill top in Bad Homburg, Germany.

19.Taken from my balcony in NSW, Australia

20.Church steeples at sunset, Boston

21.Cumulonimbus, Nelson, BC

22.Sunset in Monterrey, CA

23.Pittsburgh Sunset

24.Strange cloud rolling over Idar-Oberstein, Germany

25.Krkonoše, Czech Republic

26.Sunset at Kjerringøy, Norway

27.Scenic Overlook in New Jersey

28.Clouds through the Brooklyn Bridge

29.Phoenix cloud rising

30.Labrador Sky

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