30 Best City Pictures of the Week – Jan 20th to Jan 26th, 2013

1.Wellington, New Zealand

2.Moscow, Russia from the top of Moscow State University


3.Vienna, Austria


4.Fluorescent Billboards, Taipei


5.Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Japan)


6.Beirut from above


7.Paris, France in low clouds


8.The Highline, Manhattan, NY


9.Freeway into L.A.


10.St. Mark’s Place at Night – East Village – New York City


11.Moon over the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington


12.East Liberty Busway, Pittsburgh


13.Moscow, Russia, from sky


14.Utrecht, the Netherlands – Covered in Snow


15.La Defense Paris


16.Nördlingen, Germany from the Air


17.Taipei 101, Taiwan


18.Parliament Hill, Ottawa

19.Midtown contrast



21.Contrasting Manhattan architecture


22.Mercer Street in Soho covered in Snow – New York City


23.Jardin António Nobre, Lisboa, Portugal


24.Vienna, Austria


25.Orange Sunset over Frankfurt Germany

26.Shibam, Yemen

27.Skyline of Hong Kong from a different perspective, at sunset.


28.Sydney, Australia


29.Valparaiso, Chile


30.Toronto skyline, 1970


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