30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Jan 23rd to Jan 29th, 2013

1.ND Experiment Vancouver Island…exposure 129 sec.


2.Standing outside the grounds for a rave in the woods in Squamish, British Columbia.


3.Long Exposure of Warsaw, Poland


4.A quick drive to the gas station – 30 sec.


5.Stars from Cabo


6.First long exposure attempt at a carnival


7.Nothing more than a cell phone light, a full moon, and a long exposure.




9.Final approach CYOO 20 sec


10.Australia Day Fireworks – Adelaide


11.Hey hey, I also drove to the gas station. I had a tripod and a fisheye on the center console.


12.skateboarding skeleton – sequence




14.First long exposure during the winter – light reflection from the city


15.Police Helicopter


16.Winter Weary Road. 20 Seconds.


17.Blue light on a pine tree atop Oyster Dome in Washington


18.90s lightning shot taken last summer from my backyard. (outside Chicago, USA)


19.Multiple Long exposures of the Golden Gate Bridge Stacked Together that I took last night


20.Smooth as silk.


21.Beams of traffic light in Essex, Maryland


22.Maxime Laheurte of France soars through the air at the Nordic Combined FIS World Cup in Klingenthal, Germany.


23.Foggy forest inundated with lasers.


24.San Onofre soul-surfer


25.The Big Dipper at -10 Degrees Fahrenheit and 25 Seconds


26.Long exposure of a toy light


27.Paterson Falls in Paterson, New Jersey Long Exposure with 9 Stop ND Filter


28.Bridge and Street at 2AM


29.NYE Fireworks at Big Sky Ski Resort


30.9 exposures, single frame


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