30 Best City Pictures of the Week – Jan 27th to Feb 2nd, 2013

1.“Beware the irrational…” Christopher Hitchens


2.Clouds draping over mountains. Salt Lake City, Utah


3.Tiruchirappalli,Tamil Nadu, India


4.New York City skyscrapers and rooftops from above


5.Riga, Latvia


6.Jordaan District, Amsterdam, Netherlands


7.the US Capitol in low clouds


8.Saigon, Vietnam


9.Nashville, TN


10.Toronto at night


11.Quebec City in Winter


12.Fuji TV, Odaiba district, Tokyo


13.Malé, Capital of the Maldives


14.Norilsk, an industrial city in Siberia, Russia


15.Eye of Sauron, London, England, UK


16.New York Downtown at Sunrise


17.Prime Tower, Zurich, the only skyscraper in Switzerland


18.Icy Chicago river


19.Istanbul skyline, Turkey


20.Hamhung, North Korea


21.Moat around the Imperial City – Beijing, China


22.Los Angeles from the Hollywood Hills


23.Toronto, Canada


24.Low income housing spreads into the hills on the outskirts of Kabul, photographed on October 4, 2012


25.A panorama shot I took last summer of Central Park/Manhattan


26.A 46 segment non-HDR panorama of the Hong Kong night skyline. Taken in June from Lugard Road at Victoria Peak.


27.Yellowknife, Canada draped in fog at -42°C


28.Lhasa, capital of Tibet


29.Tokyo Tower, Japan


30.London, England


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