30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Jan 30th to Feb 5th, 2013

1.It’s hard to take a long exposure photo of yourself without looking and feeling just a little silly.” Long exposure self portrait taken on a London street.

2.São Paulo at Night (Pinheiros) – Brazil

3.Exposure at Rockefeller Center

4.Here’s a photo I took of the Space Shuttle entering a cloud

5.light-dinosaur runs through yosemite

6.My girlfriend and I get photobombed by the Milky Way (single exposure)

7.Fireworks infront of my house

8.light-painted skateboarding skeleton – handrail champion

9.Exposure of Berlin, Germany

10.Christmas light vortex

11.My 1997 Mercedes Benz E Class

12.Drive it like you stole it. Texas Raptor Run 2012

13.First photograph of a man. Having his shoes shined, he remained still long enough to be immortalized in this 10 minute long exposure. Taken by Louis Daguerre in Paris, 1838

14.Really proud of how still he stood.

15.The Long and Winding Road

16.Coit Tower in SF

17.Furnace working overtime.

18.4 Minute Night Exposure From Mountains

19.Picked up an LED keychain light

20.Shanghai business centre

21.Lombard Street

22.Slow shutter speed photo from the ISS by Roy Petit

23.Spinning Disc Ride, Philippines

24.Pier Lights

25.Boston skyline from a distance

26.CSX Freight Train, Skillman,

27.Lonely Beach on a Full Moon Night (three-minute exposure)

28.Golden Gate Bridge after sunset

29.Frontyard at night.

30.double ought

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