30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Jan 31st to Feb 6th, 2013

1.Nacreous noctilucent cloud formed by rocket trail


2.Took this picture in between cloud layers while on a plane ride over Illinois.


3.Comet McNaught over Santiago Chile, “the most photogenic comet of our time”


4.Beauty of the winter sky as seen in Florida


5.Sunset Stone Skimming at Silverdale, UK


6.Malibu sunset with a beautiful addition – unedited OC


7.Sunset colors


8.Xerokampos, Kriti, Greece


9.Sunset in Norway


10.Sun Layers


11.Sun setting in MD


12.Two layers of clouds over Black Forest, Germany


13.Glowing Ciociaria, Italy

15.Clouds over Shanghai


16.Sunset over the Gulf


17.A vivd lightning storm passes over Dorchester Bay in Boston on July 24, 2012.


18.August sunset over Lake Superior.


19.Clouds over San Pedro, CA


20.Late summer night in Sweden.


21.West of Sweden


22.Sunrise over the ridge


23.Kebnekaise, Sweden


24.Mist and clouds over Niagara Falls early one dawn


25.Sunset over Mt Hood from Satus Pass, WA


26.Sunset over the Bay Area


27.Misty mountain tops in northern Vietnam


28.Clouds in my Neighborhood


29.Nordkapp Midsummer non-Sunset, Norway


30.I only had my iPhone at the moment, but damn, was this sight beautiful in person. Davis, CA


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