24 Best Space Pictures of the Week – Jan 31st to Feb 6th, 2013

1.Crystal clear picture of Saturn


2.Uranus, the beautiful blue pearl in the sky.


3.Infrared view of Andromeda from Herschel Space Observatory


4.Helix Nebula in Infrared




6.The Center of the Milky Way by ESO’s Very Large Telescope


7.Crescent Neptune and Triton – September 3, 1989


8.Crescents of Titan and Dione


9.Pinwheel Galaxy Rainbow


10.Superbubble DEM L50 (a.k.a. N186) by Chandra X-ray Observatory


11.Not a total loss tonight: Orion Nebula and vicinity


12.The Great Springtime Storm on Saturn


13.The Hourglass Nebula


14.NGC2685 Galaxy


15.NASA successfully launched its Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS)-K spacecraft last night from Cape Canaveral


16.Atlas V Launches TDRS-K


17.Space Shuttle Canadarm with a Sunburst pattern behind it


18.The Great Nebula in Carina


19.Stars and Fireworks


20.Comet McNaught over Chile, “the most photogenic comet of our time”


21.The Helix Nebula


22.Saturn’s B ring spread out in all it’s glory


23.Cat’s Paw Nebula


24.Saturn eclipsing the sun, seen from behind from the Cassini orbiter.


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