25 Best Room Pictures of the Week – Feb 2nd to Feb 8th, 2013

1.Farmhouse Kitchen


2.Bathroom with a soft, warm atmosphere


3.Villa in South Africa


4.Eclectic, Rugged Kitchen by Marchi Cucine


5.A book shelf heaven


6.Stylish SOHO Kitchen


7.Beautiful Malibu kitchen


8.Inside a modern Finca near Barcelona


9.Louis Vuitton Resort, Maldives


10.Those windows alone do it


11.Humble Earthship living room with lot of plants


12.love the shutters overlooking the living room


13.A bedroom that’s modern and minimalistic without being cold or sterile


14.Luxury kitchen in Mallorca


15.Living room, Stockholm


16.Imagine waking up to this view


17.Photographs EVERYWHER. A moody black and white room


18.Dining room in abandoned palace. Table set and lots of antiques.


19.Portobello Rd (London) living room with a slide!


20.The Great Hall, Castle Cardiff


21.Love A Good Movie?


22.Baby, It’s Cold Outside


23.Vanity Room in NYC Mansion


24.My ideal loft/studio made as a CS:S map


25.Not sure if it’s worthy, but here’s the living room in my Seattle apartment.


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