30 Top Food Pictures of the Week – Feb 5th to Feb 11th, 2013

1.bay scallops, zucchini, tomatoes and basil over capellini

2.My neighbor makes bear biscuits for her grand-kids

3.Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Frosting Syrup. Will make again for Valentine’s Day. And probably once a week for the rest of forever.

4.Smoked Gouda Mac n Cheese with Smoked Bacon, Lobster Tail, and Truffle Oil

5.Guilty Lunch Hotdogs

6.Black Truffle Lobster Mac and Cheese

7.German Style Warm Potato Salad with Bacon

8.I work at a small, mom and pop burrito place and eat these at least twice a week. This particular beauty happens to be our fish burrito.

9.THICKEST PANCAKES in the northeast!

10.Chocolate Chip Pancakes

11.Seared Ahi tuna with a soy reduction served with pickled ginger and wasabi.

12.Mmmmmmmmm Steak

13.First homemade meal in Florence – Eggplant Parm, Homemade Spaghetti, Chicken and Cheese Sauce, and Caprese on Bread

14.My Wife’s Hand-Painted Battenberg Cake


15.Parmesan Garlic Hearts.

16.Mini eclairs with pistachio caramel, lemon curd and cream

17.Turkish Coffee

18.Homemade tart by my mom. Kiwis from the backyard

19.Last pie I got to make before the bistro closed for good.

20.Fudge brownie with dark chocolate frosting sprinkled with candied bacon topped with bacon ice cream and garnished with a dark chocolate drizzle and a piece of chocolate covered bacon.

21.Strawberry Marshmallows

22.Muffulettas for Marris Gras

23.Deep dish pizza cooked in cast Iron

24.Buttermilk Pancakes smothered in Maple Syrup with a pat of Butter.

25.Breakfast burger: locally sourced burger topped with an over-easy egg, bacon, and sharp cheddar cheese.

26.It’s “Tłusty Czwartek” (Fat Thursday) today in Poland. The tradition is to stuff yourself with as many pączki (kind of a donut with filling) as you can.

27.In honor of tonights The Walking Dead

28.My death row breakfast – Parmesan Baked Egg w/ home fries from the Sandbox Cafe

29.Potato Skins

30.Homemade beef jerky

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