28 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Feb 6th to Feb 12th, 2013

1.10 second exposure of a flaming fireplace

2.Orion Startrail

3.One of my first long exposures, 4th of July fireworks


5.A little flower

6.Wembley Flow

7.Coral Cove Beach in Florida

8.long exposure of a flatbed scanner

9.NYC from the Top of the Rock

10.Test shot that turned out pretty interesting with clouds rolling by.

11.Spinning wool in an old Gym.

12.Arapahoe Basin at night

13.20 second exposure of the Wipeout ride at Dreamworld – Queensland, Australia

14.Running with steel wool

15.San Diego skyline from a distance

17.Port of San Francisco

18.‘Ethereal Visitation’ – El Wire Beastie in my Bedroom

19.Dublin Convention Centre

20.Fireworks Across Seven Seas Lagoon

21.“Cranberry Skies”- long exposure moon shot with red tint

22.Las Vegas Strip

23.Lazer MG

24.Ghosts on a Pier

25.Inside a museum

26.Fun With Laser Pointers and Ice Sickles! 30 Seconds.

27.Cool and warm

28.One more for you guys! “Tranquillity”

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