30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Feb 7th to Feb 13th, 2013

1.North sea from above


2.Sonoran Desert Sunset


3.Sunset over Sydney


4.The aurora borealis, or northern lights, glow near Tromsoe, Norway


5.Clayton Missouri at Sunset


6.Morning rays over the south-west of Western Australia


7.Afternoon in Germany, somewhere near Cologne


8.I found this picture at an Facebook of one of my friends. I am not the creator of this picture, but I have got permission from the creator of this picture to share his picture. Soest, The Netherlands


9.Antenna Sunset Phoenix AZ


10.Arizona Desert Sky


11.Portland Head Light on January 17, 2013, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.


12.Li River, China


13.Starry Night in Bavaria, Germany


14.Dark clouds cover the sky in downtown Shanghai


15.Tuolumne Sunset, Yosemite


16.Sunset in Victoria, BC


17.A rainbow is seen in the West Bank Judean desert.


18.Sunset of the West Coast of New Zealand,


19.Anclote Gulf Park, Florida


20.I climbed Volcan Acatenango, Guatemala (3976m) to get this shot


21.Sunset in NJ


22.Summer Sky in Upstate NY.


23.Costa Rican Sunset


24.What I woke up to while camping on a beach in Mathews County, VA.


25.Front Range Sunset – Denver, CO


26.shelf cloud passing by – eindhoven, the netherlands


27.Glowing Clouds in July


28.Moonrise of Northern lights, Northern Alaska, March 2011


29.A partial solar eclipse as seen during sunrise in the coastal town of Gumaca, Quezon province, southeast of Manila, May 21, 2012.


30.Vivd lightning storm passes over Dorchester Bay in Boston on July 24, 2012.


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