25 Best Room Pictures of the Week – Feb 9th to Feb 15th, 2013

1.A Clock Tower Home


2.Masculine Mountain Home


3.Amazing Vancouver kitchen with stunning ocean views.


4.awesome lobby room with huge chandelier


5.Holy Library [600×755] and more library ideas.


6.Underwater living room, Fish House, Singapore.


7.Beautiful hotel room in Santorini, Greece


8.Inside a modern house in Johannesburg, South Africa by Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects and Antoni Associates


9.The perfect entrance leading into the perfect living room.


10.Open Living Room with Sunken Conversation Pit


11.Sleeping with the fishes


12.Astonishing Library


13.Domus Civita Wine Cellar Cave


14.Living room with a view in Habonim, Israel


15.Love A Good Movie?


16.My bedroom “nano-cinema”


17.Malibu house kitchen with a view


18.Lucky Shophouse


19.Home of Dieter Rams, father of modern design.


20.Bright and airy Departure Room at Shanghai Hongqiao


21.Friend of mines Miami Apartment.


22.Tea room of Yuyuan Garden – Shanghai


23.Presidential meeting room in Casa Rosada – Buenos Aires


24.Girly studio apartment in Uptown Minneapolis


25.Sparsely decorated room of La Paz Mansion – Buenos Aires

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