20 Best Space Pictures of the Week – Feb 14th to Feb 20th, 2013

1.A Sun Halo — like the Sun is being viewed through a large lens


2.Flux ropes on the sun


3.“The Mice” – Two Colliding Galaxies.


4.NGC 772


5.Space Shuttle Endeavour approaching the International Space Station (ISS) was taken by one of the Expedition One crew members onboard the station, Dec 2, 2000.


6.Sailboat + Milky Way


7.According to Google sky maps I just took a picture of the Moon and Jupiter.


8.The Whirlpool Galaxy (Spiral Galaxy M51, NGC 5194)


9.I took this last month, but it was my best moon picture i’ve taken!


10.“Earth Horizon,” from Apple’s desktop default backgrounds for OSX 10.8.2


11.The star cluster Pismis 24 in the core of the large emission nebula NGC 6357


12.Shot this deep in the Gallatin Mountains of SW, Montana {Canon T2i}


13.Black Hole Outflows From Centaurus A


14.Sweeping Through Southern Skies


15.Photographs of sun using H-alpha filter


16.NGC 346


17.SNR 0509


18.For my digital media concentration I’m doing different exposures of space and putting them together like so. This was taken in my friend’s backyard in Cincinnati.


19.Cassini triple moon combo


20.The moon with Jupiter and her moons.

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