25 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – Feb 19th to Feb 25th, 2013

1.Young girl of the Kayapo tribe


2.Young boy standing in the door of a lantern shop. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey.

  3.Canadian Soldier returning alone from the frontline c. 1916


4.Village girl I met in the rainforest of Ecuador


5.Appalachian Coal Miner – 1946


6.Snoop at Coachella 2012


7.Fighters from the Free Syrian Army’s Tahrir al Sham brigade light the fuse of an improvised grenade.


8.My boyfriend after a snowshoeing tumble. Ontario, Canada.


9.101 year old marathon runner Fauja Singh


10.A High School Football Player [Emmazed Photography]


11.Steve McQueen


12.My Grandfather last Christmas. RIP.


13.African boy by Sam Barker


14.Old man at the window.


15.Berber Man Kissing Snake near Aït Benhaddou Qasbah, Morocco

16.Sleeping Buddha


17.A young friend climbing to the lighthouse. Cape of Good Hope, South Africa


18.Children playing on their family’s cotton harvest in Mali

19.Hungarian Firemen


20.Fruit vendor at Ko panyi Thailand


21.[AMATORY]’s Vyacheslav Sokolov


22.“MyFellowMemphian” Kristin.


23.My Grandmother making family dinner


24.“Clasped” One of my faves from the ongoing ‘My Fellow Memphian’ series. Moziz.


25.Baby and father. Taken in Sri Lanka


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