A Thing of Beauty is Tasty Forever?


February 24, 2013PhotographyNo comments

Aahhhhh! This one is amazing. A photographer named as Fulvio Bonavia. He is from Italy and a well-known and award winner advertisement expert. Along with an advertise photographer he is an editorial photographer too! He is just an example of extremely inventive person. Now here comes the most interesting part of his photography.

He used food as main focus to design apparels inspired by Prada and McQueen. The apparels consisted of handbags, shoes and accessories for a book by him named as, A Matter of Taste! Not only has this he also created some imaged that later used by clients like, Sony, Montblanc etc. Initially he was engaged in work related to graphic designing and posters of cinema.

He is such a perfectionist that the entire tasks related to his photographs are carried out by himself. Right from the click to final product, he does it all. His work has been appreciated by a lot of international agencies and along with appreciation he has been awarded by several renowned societies. He was in fact, selected as photographer of the year for 2010 by Mobius Awards. Based in Milan he is one of the finest photographers in the world. So have a look at his work and enjoy!


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