30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Feb 20th to Feb 26th, 2013

1.Long exposure of a busy street.


2.Long exposure I took long ago, while waiting for the bus


3.Night loading the Orla, at the tip of Lake Superior.


4.Pompano Beach, Florida


5.Lamma Island, Hong Kong


6.Genoa by night, Holiday Inn Balcony (Italy)


7.When amateurs try long exposures


8.Abandoned Hotel


9.Long exposure showing members of the Vienna State Opera Ballet performing on stage.


10.Stepping stones


11.Aurora Hunter – Lofoten, Norway


12.I had some fun with my Jetta tonight.


13.Hi Reddit, my fingers were freezing for this shot, but I made this for you.


14.Fairground, Valencia.


15.Marie Reine Du Monde (5 Seconds)


16.Taco Stand at Night, Mexico City.


17.Lake Sinclair Dam – Spillway open at night


18.Long Exposure + Rear Flash.


19.Reflected Aurora Over Alaska: The green aurora were easily visible to the eye, but the red aurora only became apparent after a 20-second camera exposure


20.Long exposure of rural Georgia sky


21.The heart of downtown San Diego


22.Abandoned TAFE building & lightpainting


23.China Bank Building Water Feature; Hong Kong


24.Long exposure behind a chateau in France


25.“Waterfall” Nan Lian Gardens Hong Kong


26.Ferry in port at sunrise on Kefalonia, Greece


27.Long Exposure of a camera capturing one.


28.To shoot the remains of Lock 65, I had to stand in the median of Interstate 490.


29.Pompano Beach Pier – Pompano Beach, Florida


30.Seeing double using light painting on a Mexican beach

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