30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Feb 21st to Feb 27th, 2013

1.Traffic flowed. Neons glowed. Suddenly, a storm! Lightnings popped. And Bangkok stopped.


2.Eastern North Dakota Sundog


3.Golden fog covering the San Francisco Bay Area


4.More of the Noctilucent clouds over my town, closer view


5.Milky Way Sky


6.perfect ending for the last day of my holiday in the Seychelles


7.The sun on a stick. Summer sunset Ireland.


8.We took a trip outside the city to watch the stars. Dalarö, Sweden.


9.Noctilucent Clouds. Dublin Ireland


10.I got this shot off the back of a BC Ferry




12.Sunset in rural northern Indiana


13.Lightning strikes, Menindee Lakes, New South Wales, Australia


14.Absolutely genius photoshoot.


15.The view of the smoky mountains in gatlinburg this morning


16.Reflected Aurora Over Alaska: The green aurora were easily visible to the eye, but the red aurora only became apparent after a 20-second camera exposure


17.Layered Cumuli in St. Cloud, FL, USA


18.Rippled red sunset. Dublin Ireland.


19.Partly cloudy night in Milledgeville, GA


20.sunset on lake michigan


21.The dawn of a new day in Brisbane


22. Stanley Park, Vancouver


23.Sunset in Israel, today


24.Storm cloud over the Bahamas


25.Reunion Island


26.Epic Rainbow I saw yesterdayAustralia


27.Blood red sunrise


28.Sunrise in Apalachicola, Fl


29.Clouds over Mid-City in New Orleans, LA


30.Firestorm brewing over Faro, Portugal


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