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Trees and plants are one among the best friends of mankind. We just ignore them most of the time. We cut them, scratch them, and ruin them and what they give us back? Of course oxygen, shadow, cooler air etc. the list is really long and we are just giving the wastage to a tree. God while creating this world must have researched a lot. Everything is just perfect and at its place.

Photographers too find it interesting to work with trees and natural plants etc. the greenery is one of the favorite topics to be discussed and enjoyed.  A fully grown tree is of course a matter of inspiration of for a nature lover photographer. The lovely beauty and the scenario it creates around itself are among one of the best natural portraits that can be observed.

The basic motto behind this article is very simple, I love trees and I hope that you love them too.  So just go through this post to have a closer look at the beautiful photography of trees and flowers. While going through this article, just forget everything else and just have a concentration over the topic, beauty. Please post your comments if you like my work.

Asheville, North Carolina

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