28 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – March 7th to March 13th, 2013

1.Panoramic sunset over the Serengeti, Tanzania

2.Dusk sky over a lagoon in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

3.Moonrise in New Zealand.

4.Lake Michigan sunset (near Ludington, MI)

5.Sunrise at Mungindi, NW New South Wales

6.Roca Bruja, Costa Rica

7.Clouds over Corbridge, Northumberland, UK 

8.Sunset in Glenelg, South Australia

9.Skyline from Mont Ventoux, France

10.View from my window, Kent, England.

11.Above Zürich at Night

12.Thunderhead Sidney Nebraska

13.Lido Beach, FL

14.Sunrise over California lettuce seed crop

15.The sky is on fire in JAX Beach, Florida

16.The Ying and Yang — Bartlesville

17.Morro de São Paulo, Brazil

18.Star Trails, Cornella VIC, Australia

19.Scott’s Head Dominica

20.Not too experienced photgrapher, but I really like this scene I captured.

21.The polar star is not really the middle.

22.Comet PanSTARRS and the setting moon taken tonight from Georgia

23.Pink and blue sky-candy over Rottnest Island, Australia

24.Sunset at Karumba, Qld, Aust. HDR

25.Salvador Bahia, Brazil

26.Sea Lion Rock, Monterey,

27.The Milky Way over Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

28.The sky over Bagan on a rare cloudy day during the dry season

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