26 Best Aerial Pictures of the Month – March 2nd to March 31st, 2013


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1.Island in Venice

2.Homestead in Somali

3.“Mexico City, one of the largest metropolitan areas on Earth – housing roughly the same population as Australia.”by astronaut Chris Hadfield aboard the ISS

4.The Slums of Caracas

5.Tulip Farm is located in Netherlands

6. In Italy Star-shaped town of Palmanova

7. Between Australia and Thailand Island is located

8.Towers of São Paulo

9.A hot-air balloon clicked picture From Boston’s North End on 1860

10.Clicked this while the inmates were in the yard when Flew over USP Atwater today

11.Picture of Downtown Portland captured in 1928

12.Photograph of Cincinnati captured in 1920

13.Big City high res

14.Beautiful Manhattan, New York

15. By the International Space Station Discovery Shuttle seemed

16.Texas, Aerial downtown Houston

17.4 Pacific Northwest Mountains, Adams, Hood, Rainier, and St. Helens

18.A view of rare aerial  in Hong Kong

19.Pre-war Dresden

20.This picture is clicked by My cousin who’s a pilot in Yankee stadium and the Bronx in NYC

21.Photo by Sergey Lisitsyn location of Maldives Atols

22. In Guangdong Province, viwe of A Typical Urban Village in Shenzhen,

23. This picture snapped by  Pilot cousin of Quebec, Canada

24.View of Circular irrigation over Kansas

25.In Spain, Dryland Agriculture in Aragon

26.Colony of James’s flamingos takes flight from the shallow waters of Laguna Colorada in Chile.

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