30 Best Pictures of the Month Showing Human Emotion – July 21th to July 28th, 2012

1.Dutch fisherman and child


2.Osvaldo from Mozambique, on the playground


3.Norwegian fisherman


4.Lots of Freckles photo by Dmitry Borisov


5.A Child in Malawi, Africa


6.Covered In Them.


7.Boy with his prized possessions, Malawi


8.Ayrton Senna at the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix.


9.A man begging in Stockholm


10.Child Reflects with Bottle


11.A baby in Sumdah, Ladakh District, India


12.RAF Pilot getting a haircut


13.A Burmese family in Bagan


14.Farm Fatale


15.Eartha Kitt


16.After laying portraits on top of eachother, scientists determened the ”average” face per country.


17.A South Sudanese riot policeman bearing tribal markings on his face


18.‘Sparkles of Life’


19.Female Astronaut celebrates St. Patrick’s Day Aboard the International Space Station


20.A poor grape worker in Baja California, Mexico.


21.Two girls in Cambodia’s floating village


22.U.S. Marine Platoon Sergeant at Officer Candidate School


23.Man walking his dog in Boston common


24.Village child bundled up for those curiously chilly nights during Cold Season in Mali, West Africa


25.Smoker in Nepal photo by Anton Jankovoy


26.A young stranger. Gaya 7


27.Somali refugee and his home


28.North Korean Soldiers Share a Laugh


29.My Dad, 1928, cadet captain of his class at age 12, Army & Navy Academy, San Diego


30.Two Hazara girls enjoy a new garden and playground in Dragon Valley near Bamyan, Afghanistan.


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